Monday, November 19, 2012

Janet Wilson's 42 Carrots

No, you don't use 42 carrots! This is a simple recipe that Janet Wilson brought to our 42 Domino Game night - and was asked to bring them again and again. They are good enough to be called comfort food, all the while being very good for your health.


Carrots [How many you fix depends on how many you are feeding. Count on a cup of carrots per person and you'll probably have some left over. Not a problem!! They reheat well]
Orange Marmalade [one teaspon for every cup of carrots]


Cut the carrots into bite size pieces and add to sauce pan big enough to hold the carrots covered in water.
Boil until carrots are soft enough to accept a fork.
Drain the carrots, very lightly salt and fold in the orange marmalade. You can cut some calories by using sugarless marmalade

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