Friday, August 3, 2012

Corn Bread Salad

A restaurant two towns away used to serve a cornbread salad on their salad bar.  I made the mistake of NOT asking them about the recipe. They sold the place and the new owners did not serve that side dish. Didn't confirm knowing about it when I asked.

I found several similar recipes on the web, but didn't sound quite like I remembered. There's one on, another at, and many more.

I've thought of it often and this week I came close to duplicating the one I remembered.  I say close, because I don't have the texture just right and I've adapted it twice to match what ingredients I have on hand.

First is cornbread.  I had some left over from a 42 game. Beloved Husband made himself a tuna salad sandwich the next day, but tuna's not my favorite.  Egg salad didn't sound sufficient, either.  So, I decided to experiment with cornbread salad - a sandwich in a bowl.

I made it as I would our mashed potato salad.  Didn't keep track of quantities, but will next time:

Crumbled cornbread (can even be a couple of days old)
Sliced green onions (or chopped sweet onion)
Hard cooked eggs
Diced celery
Diced sweet pickles (or sweet pickle relish)
Miracle Whip (our favorite - you could use mayo, of course)

Nothing new about that at all. Except I never thought of fixing it for one. Thinking of it as a lunch 'sandwich' and adding some favorite proteins and be certain there's a crunch. Add a touch of salad dressing instead of all MW. Wonderful with a bit leftover bacon!

Most of the on-line recipes call for this to be a layered salad for presentation, tossing just before serving. Haven't tried those, though they certainly look lovely. I think the next time I have some left over potatoes, I'll use a bit of those in an attempt to match the texture I remember.

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  1. That sounds like a great side to bring to a potluck.... And would be pretty in a trifle bowl if you do the layers. I'll have to try this sometime. LOVE cornbread!!