Monday, September 19, 2011 - Personal Review

Do you use any of these links for recipe ideas:

Allrecipes.comBon AppétitChowEating WellEpicuriousFood & WineFood NetworkFood Network CanadaHealth.comLa Cucina ItalianaMartha StewartMyRecipes.comReal SimpleRecipe.comSerious EatsSmitten KitchenVegetarian Times

If so -- or if you would like to save recipes from these sites, let me introduce you to

I know, I know.  Most of the 'net's recipe sites have a place for you to save your favorite recipes -- that you find on their site.  Pepperplate allows you to save them all, in one spot, simply by clicking one button on your browser!  Along with the recipe, you get the accompanying graphic, the link to that recipe's website and it's all filed away for your use on the web.  Handier still, it will create a shopping list from the recipes you intend to use in the coming days, and can do so in the aisle order of your grocery once you set that up in the program.

I haven't found that much ability in any other program at this same cost.  Price?  FREE!!!!!

It is one of the most intuitive and stable apps I've had on my iPhone, too.  The PC version syncs with iPhone and iPads, (updated 12/2011) Droids and Kindle Fire, too.

What's that?  What about your favorite recipes that you already have in soft copy?  Simply copy and paste manually.  That works, too.  You can upload your own photos, too.  Or, if you only have hard copies of your favorites, it will take a moment or two to type them into the program.

Last week I was asked for a couple of recipes and I just whipped out my iPhone, brought up the requested recipe and gave the requester a choice -- would she like to copy it right there, or would she prefer it be e-mailed to the address of her choice.  Sharing is that simple.  Another way to share is what I've done with my family -- create a family profile that is shared with other family members where recipes can be shared.  We're working on that idea.

Seldom have I found a software that does 95% of what I'd like for it to do.  This one does.  There's always more it could do -- like print out the recipes in a booklet format, and I really would think this was perfect.

I recommend that it be tried -- remember, it's all free except the time you spend experimenting with it.  Once again, in case you passed up linking from the top, it's called PEPPERPLATE.COM

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