Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eggs (Again) For Deviling

I really do like eggs.  In spite of the cholestoral, they are a marvelous food.  With Easter coming up, I'm planning on fixing some of these that my friend Gift wrote about on Facebook.

In the first photo (1) are her tools -- the corner from a milk carton (something flexible but strong that will hold the shape of the egg), two strong rubber bands and a chopstick.  The remaining steps in the photo show how to turn the warm, peeled egg into two hearts.  Remember, the egg must be warm for this to work:
(2) place the egg in the holder,
(3) placement of the chopstick, pressing into the egg, held in place by the rubber bands,
(4) leave it long enough that when the rubber bands are removed, there is a depression where the chopstick was,
(5) how the egg should look before cutting,
(6) and how it looks when it is cut in two, giving two hearts.

Carefully remove the yokes and using your favorite deviled egg recipe, turn these into eye-catchers for Easter dinner!

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