Friday, February 25, 2011

Egg in a Basket, Rafts

There are lots of names for this particular treat: Rafts; egg in a basket, over easy toast, windowpane egg or simply an egg sandwich. I've seen it around for ages. Mom made them for us when we were kids, and that's over half a century ago, so this is nothing new.  So very easy to do, too. A lot easier with non-stick pans. The ingredients and utensils are very, very simple -- butter, eggs, bread, non-stick skillet, cookie cutter and a spatula.

Using your favorite biscuit or cookie cutter, cut out a nest from the middle of the bread. My favorite is this oat nut with great texture and flavor. Have the eggs ready to pour into the nest.

Butter the bread -- this time I used a garlic butter we had left over from an Italian dinner. Place the bread, including the cut outs, butter side down in the heated pan, and add the eggs to the nests.

Turn as soon as the egg reaches the desired doneness, turn -- I like mine over easy.


There are other ways to create 'nests', too. I tried it with a slice of ham, but the egg white ran a bit. Still makes a nice dish!
Slicing the ham a bit more evenly, slightly thicker or having the pan a bit hotter to sear the egg might solve that problem.  Still, it was tasty.

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