Monday, September 30, 2013

Red Neck Spray Starch by Bonnie Bowman

No, that's not getting ready to cook - that the result of losing our dishwasher one day and our garbage disposal two days later. I had promised dinner for guests, and met that commitment. I dislike washing dishes!! But, it can be done.

Instead of working on recipes for eating, my appetite has changed and I'm gathering 'recipes' for quilts. I finished my very first one for our great-granddaughter, Jaylin, and enjoyed it tremendously! I found I like piecing the tops, my sweek OKSiL (which means Oklahoma Sister-in-Law) has a long-arm quilter and has discounted quilting the pieces for me. Then I get to add the binding and an embroideried note about the quilt - so I commited to three more in time for Christmas. I have one done:

I think it's beautiful - and I learned so much from creating it. No, it's not a pattern I followed. It's my own design and I couldn't describe it if I wanted to. I wanted to learn how to make blocks, so I made a sampler of several. Of course, they were different sizes and nothing fit together, so I did a reverse applique technique from a Fons & Porter magazine  (click here to watch the video) -- and it worked!!!

I also attended OKSiL's quilt guild in Tulsa where we listened to Bonnie Bowman give us tips on how to be a "Red Neck Quilter", money-saving tips for quilting supplies and this one recipe for Red Neck Spray Starch - here are my notes on that:
1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon cornstarch  (less for less stiff, more for more stiffness)
3 tablespoons cold water  (to completely dissolve the cornstarch)
Place those in a heat-proof two-cup measuring container.  Add enough boiling water to make one cup, stirring constantly as you add. Then, add cold water to the mixture and fill to the two-cup line. Let the mixture cool, the pour into a spray bottle.  Shake well before each use.
You may have to experiment a  bit to get the right spoonsful of cornstarch for the stiffness you desire. Discard after a week or so and make a new batch. 
So - while coping with kitchen appliance change-out and adding a brand-new hobby with over-commitments, I still have time for recipes! That, my dears, is a recipe for happiness in life.

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