Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adaptations for Simple Way to Poach an Egg

This method had me tossing out my egg poacher (the little four-egg steamer thingy that always had eggs sticking!) and eating protein for breakfast.

The video is simple - select your pan, get the water to the point of boiling, add a bit of vinegar and salt. Have the eggs broken into ramekins, ready to go in when the water boils. We have chickens, so our eggs are usually fresh and float quite well. I have used store-bought and sometimes they stick, so remove those gently in order to keep them whole.

When boiling, stir the pot (clock- or counter-clockwise - his little joke) and get the water swirling around the pot. I cook two eggs for me, and I've done four in the same two-quart pot. Slide the eggs from the ramekins into the moving water and watch the whites swirl back into place. I've never had to 'shape' them using this method.

I like my whites done completely but the yolks runny and I've found that four minutes gives me the best results. Took a couple of times to get to that perfect time, but it works. Once my eggs are in, I set the four minutes - timer goes off, they are just right.

Remove them with a slotted spoon large enough to hold the whole egg, with enough slots to get rid of all the water. If that's very important to you, blot with a paper towel.  I simply put them on toast and I'm just fine. That's how I serve myself, with salt/pepper and a bit of prepared mustard.

This is very adaptable - there's no limit to what you can do: Eggs Benedict (did you notice that Ree does that swirly thing, too), or Savory Bacon & Crab Cakes (unless you don't like crab, then substitute another meat), or maybe some Huevos Rancheros (remembered poached is better for you than fried!) and I'd add a spread of home-made-non-refried beans. Be creative, it will be delicious!!

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