Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crockpot Sunday Roast

I'm not certain just how this fits as a "recipe", it's more of meal planning, as you'll see.  I can't even give you much of an "ingredients" list, so you'll just have to read through it.  It does, however, fit very well into my "flexible" category.

So, you need Sunday dinner and you put a roast on before you left for church, ready for when you get home, right?  Let me save you even more time -- as suggested by a very nice lady over at Smelling Coffee.

Take a roast of the size you need -- depends on how many you are serving and whether or not you want left overs.  Beef?  Pork?  Your choice.  With the right seasoning you could use chicken breasts, right?

Season with your favorite dry rub (she suggests Rendezvous Seasoning rub, which I never heard of so we used our favorite)

Use heavy duty aluminum foil and make a packet for the seasoned roast, then add a bit of liquid seasoning (she suggests Dales Sauce, which I never heard of either -- or Worcestershire Sauce, which we use.)  I also add a few slices of onion, just 'cause I love onions!

Close it up, sealing well and place in the crockpot, along with a couple of cups of water.  Hope you did seal well!  Don't let the water get above the foil pouch, either.

Now, what's so different?  Well, her suggestions of wrapping greased baking potatoes in foil and placing on top of the roast.  I like mine done with butter, then sprinkled with sea salt -- makes for good tasting skins!

Then take fresh green beans, season to your liking, seal them, too, in a foil pouch and place along with the potatoes.

Start those on Saturday night -- low and slow -- you don't have to wait and put it on Sunday morning!

Now, talk about flexible!  You may:

1 - unwrap everything and serve with a salad (a gelatine one made the night before would be good, too) -- or:

2 - make BBQ out of that falling-apart-melt-in-your-mouth roast by adding sauce and serve in the baked potatoes -- or:

3 - Plan to make sandwiches -- BBQ, or omit the sauce and serve as a French Dip -- with chips and that gelatine or potato salad.

In any event, go to bed Saturday night knowing that after church you'll have dinner ready to serve.  And, enjoy.

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