Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vegetable Soup from Party Food

Well, here it is the day after the party/celebration and you have some left overs. If your left overs include a vegetable tray, along with a bit of onion dip, you've got the makings of a first rate vegetable soup.

The tray I brought home had quite a bit of celery and carrots left, a bit of broccoli and quite a few grape tomatoes. Enough to consider, but I needed to add potatoes and your choice of seasoning.

I also had to do some hiding. Beloved Husband would not accept a floweret of broccoli floating in any soup placed in front of him by his wife. Also, the tomatoes would leave somewhat stringy skin. So those two go into the food processor to cut them down to size, leaving unrecognizable results. I also sliced the celery into thin pieces -- another BH preference.

I used red potatoes, just cutting them into bite size pieces, slightly larger than the tiny carrots. I decided not to add onions but to use the onion dip, along with chicken broth and some water, Once that was boiling, added all the vegtables.

It was a bit mild for my taste, so I also added a bit of butter -- garlic butter that I had on hand for great Italian bread. It was worth the sacrifice! That Italian thought also brought out the Italian Spice flavoring I had in the cabinet. Perfect for us. You're welcome to try your favorite.

I knew it was a success when Beloved Husband ate his second bowl!!

Too often those finger foods would dry out in the fridge, ostensibly forgotten but in reality just ignored. A warm soup on a cold day makes an excellent trade. Just think what it could be like with a little sausage, chicken or beef. Another flexible recipe!!

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  1. I do love a good story about a successful soup....and a smart cook who can fool her BH.