Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Family's Chicken Soup

Wednesday when I accompanied Beloved Husband to the doctor, Dr. Mc’s last instructions were to take him home, keep him away from people and make him some home made chicken soup.

The most important thing about chicken soup is that it be made at home so the aroma can be as healing as the soup. Ours is Papa’s choice – limited ingredients and seasoning.

He starts with boneless, skinless chicken breast and cubes it. He uses a bit of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt – that’s the hard part, decided just how much to use. He never measures and doesn’t taste until the soup is ready to serve.

Take a tablespoon of margarine and melt in a stock pot, then adding the chicken cubes. When I fix it, I cook a half cup of finely chopped onion and a couple of cloves of minced garlic. If Papa’s not home, I’ll also add a stick or two of celery, very thinly sliced, and small pieces of carrot. But, he’s a purist. He has been known to add dried onion (fresh is sooooo much better!)

Once the chicken is cooked through, no pink showing, cover with water and simmer slowly for at least 30 minutes. An Option here is to add about a teaspoon (or to taste) of Adam's Italian Seasoning - a Papa choice.

Add more water and bring to a boil. We use No Yolk Extra Broad Noodles. Add to the boiling pot and cook until al dente. Don’t over cook, for you’ll be reheating the leftovers.

Now wasn’t that simple? And it doesn’t have what you would put in for seasoning. Well, add your favorite seasoning.

It’s not following the exactness of any recipe, but adding the love for your family and friends that makes a dish your own specialty. All you have to do is make it, serve it and enjoy it with those you love. Those are the ingredients so many people forget to add.


  1. That sounds wonderful -I hope your husband gets better soon. He should though eating your good soup

  2. Hope your husband is better soon! I'm sure that extra dash of love will help!


  3. Yum, chicken soup. I need some of that. Hope your husband gets better soon!