Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Well-Used Recipe

This is what a well-used recipe looks like. This one is covered with splatters of chocolate from more than five year's use. You can tell Beloved Husband is left handed just by the amount of butter down in the lower left corner. A good one also includes an added note or two, as this one does.

No more than two months pass before this folded sheet is retrieved and reused. Today there will be two of them at a wedding reception/dinner being held for one of our church's 'Preacher Boys' who is bringing his lovely bride back to his home church. We can't really count him now, he is Youth Pastor at a nearby church under the leadership of our former Youth Pastor. So, it's all one big happy family that will celebrate this afternoon.

If you love chocolate, this creamy-melt-in-your-mouth dessert is ideal. The readable recipe has been posted here for some time, along with photos. I know you'll enjoy it.

PS: Papa just walked by and asked "Did you put the recipe on the dishwasher thinking it might get cleaned?" Silly boy!


  1. I love the old spattered (splattered?) recipes. That's how you can tell it is a well-loved, often-used recipe!


  2. I love recipes that look like that! They signify our family's best!