Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garlic Vinagrette Salad Dressing

A friend of ours loved the salad dressing at The Keg, our favorite steak house. Once, he asked the waiter to pass along our compliments -- and the chef came out and shared the recipe!! 

The only problem was, it makes a gallon. So, some adaption was made for, cutting it down to use for a couple of people at a meal.  Prepared ahead, this can keep for seven days in the fridge:

2 (or 3) cloves garlic, finely minced
1/4 cup White Wine Vinegar
1/4 tsp Dijon Mustard
pinch of Salt
dash of fine ground black pepper

sprinkle of paprika
1/3 cup vegetable oil - olive oil recommended

1. Mix all ingredients except oil together with a whisk for at least 3 minutes.
2. Slowly add vegetable oil in a mixer at high speed until all of oil has been incorporated.
3. Store with a lid and proper label

Variations that we’ve tried -- each add a change to the taste:
Balsamic Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

Seasoned Salt or Sea Salt
Olive Oil or Seasoned Olive Oil

We've also used this as a marinade for steaks -- great, if you like garlic!l


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I'm always searching for salad dressing recipes that don't have anything in it that I'm allergic to (dairy, eggs, wheat, sugar).

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